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Smart Class

The school is one of the first institutions in the region to adopt Smart class concept. It is a technology assisted teaching aid which improves teacher effectiveness and productivity, makes learning an enjoyable experience for students and improves academic performance. It is a technology assist

Computer Lab

Digital literacy is inextricably interwoven in our lives. Our fully equipped Computer Lab expose the students early to Computer education. Our computer teachers work hard the students to sharpen their skills and enable them to face competition.


Our library is a treasure trove of knowledge with it’s spacious area and its vast collection of books ranging from General Knowledge to science.  It provides an atmosphere that is highly conducive of learning with the effectively trained librarian to help, our library is sure to fire the child’s imagination and sky rocket him towards newer horizons .

Mathematics Lab

There are four separated laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Maths.These spacious will equip rooms are used to develop the scientific temper of students to the optimum level.

Medical Facilities

Medical  Facilities to handle any minor medical need or situation are available on working days.  In care of serious conditions, arrangements are made to promptly transfer the child to the nearby hospital, under the accompaniment of a teacher.  


Students who have opted for School transport are provided transport facilities to and  for their home and school in vehicles that are fitted with all necessary safety equipments.  Special care has been taken in recruiting experienced and highly skilled drivers and helpers, ensuring that they observe our stringent safety standards.  

Play Ground

Play is stunningly essential to childhood. Infact, it is a child’s sunshine, as children learn as they play. In play, children learn how to learn. We ensure to provide play in required ratio with academics, fulfilling the prime objective of enriching students with creativity. We provide students with playfields and expertise for  Volley ball,  Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Throwball and Athletics. It is here that RKV-ians have scripted history by emerging winners in various competitions.